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Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Peezy

You know, it was only yesterday I declared my support for Joey Porter. And now he betrays me.

I've tried to refrain from discussing the Saints here; after all, I have another venue to discuss the black and gold, and I wouldn't want to subject you to my (almost) homoerotic fandom. But when you're betrayed, you bare the fangs.

So Porter has guaranteed that the Steelers will beat the Saints. I think I've made it clear how I feel about guarantees. See here and here. As I said at the FanHouse, they're either based out of desperation or overzealousness. I think this guarantee falls into the former.

But, you see, language loses power with use. The more you say a word, no matter how bad it is, the less shocking it becomes. That's why I often try to use the word cu....well, you get it. When Namath made the guarantee, it was bold. His confidence was contagious. When Messier (ugh) made the guarantee, it was still rare, and his confidence was contagious. Now? Guarantees are chic, a fad. They're pointless now. A team hears that one of his teammates makes a guarantee, and shrugs it off. So why do it, Porter? Just further bulletin board material for the Saints to use, and I guess asking Porter to be quiet for once is akin to asking Odell Thurman to not drink and drive. It just can't be done.