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Who Should I Root For if I Decide to Care About the World Series?

I haven't taken much interest in the World Series to be honest with you. Those commercials with Tommy Lasorda can lick my balls. Few people are bigger fans of a sport than a team except with football. I could name you every Met, but I couldn't name half the players on any given MLB team. I doubt most people are bigger fans of baseball than they are of their team. How could you be? There are so many games played that you just can't keep up with everything like you can with a sport like football. The truth is, the MLB knows that people care a lot less about baseball when their team means nothing. That's the reason they have Lasorda bullying people into watching. "It's your duty, Judy"? Are you calling us names because we don't watch? The MLB is a bunch of losers.

That aside, I still have been debating who I should root for in this series, and after thinking about it, I have decided.


Most people would think I'd root for the Tigers to beat the Cards because the Cards beat my Mets and the Tigers beat crosstown rival Yankees. But that's not true.

I have to suck it up and hope the Cardinals win it all. They're an NL team and I'm tired of hearing about how much weaker the NL is compared to the AL. All year, the Mets accomplishments were passed over because they were an NL team -- a team beating up on weak opponents. If the Cardinals beat the invincible Tigers, suddenly the NL isn't something to laugh at. The last two years, the NL teams were swept in the Wold Series -- Houston by Chicago and St Louis by Boston. 2003 when the Marlins beat the Yankees in six was the last time the an NL team won it all.

In the end, it all comes back to my love for the Mets. I want their accomplishments this year to mean something. And it always hurts a big less to lose to the team that was good enough to win it all. Sure, it's going to be rough to know that the Mets were so close to a shot at the Tigers, who look so vulnerable. But in the end, I have to root for the NL. It doesn't mean I have to enjoy it, though.


Since your team's the Mets, your right it's best to cheer for the team that took them out. Then you can say that we lost to the champs!

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