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The World Series Is Over?

I think everyone outside of St. Louis is breathing a big sigh of relief that this awful thing that is the World Series is over. Nothing captures the intensity of the 2006 MLB playoffs better than Game 4 of the World Series. The Tigers looked like the Bad News Bears in the field, tripping on the field, lobbing throws into the stands, letting fly balls bounce off of glove tips.

It's sad that the most noteworthy drama of the playoffs came at the hands of someone's death, and not the intensity on the field. But, hey, it's baseball! The American pasttime!

Now we can truly focus on what matters most: football and hockey. And, to a lesser extent, Nets basketball. Luckily, we've got two months to enjoy it before hot stove reports come in from the GM meetings. And then it'll be four months of "Where's A-Rod Going to Play?!?!?!" talk.



man, there really is an east coast bias thing. this world series featured two of the most storied franchises in baseball history...one periennial playoff contender (cards) and one that went from zero to hero overnight (detroit).

admittedly, i am a cards fan but i find it strange that no one else cared outside of the midwest.

Don't take it personally, cat. I love baseball in April and begin to like it less and less as the (unendingly long) season goes on. So by the time the WS comes around, I just want it over, and only a mega-intense seven-game thriller would be enough to keep my crabby ass from complaining about it.

Congrats on the championship and enjoy, no matter what anyone has to say.

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