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In Your Face, NFL

I gained a new respect for Al Michaels last night. I think it's pretty obvious that the NFL cares very much about its image, that it doesn't like to be poked fun at. So it was a pleasant surprise to hear Al Michaels get a double-shot on the league last night during the Pittsburgh/San Diego game. After a touchdown (which didn't need to be challenged, by the way, those feet were in) was upheld because the replay booth was broken ("malfunction" was the term the referee used), Michaels zinged not just the shoddy technical equipment, but a sore point in NFL past:

This is the most notable malfunction since Janet Jackson.

Wait...I feel it coming...look out --

Let's see you daaaaaaaaance, sucka! You've got nothin' on me!!!!

Yes, it's official. The NFL has been served. By Al Michaels.