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Titans Aren't Just Bad, They're Assholes Too

Oh, and don't forget stupid.

Jeff Fisher, who I used to really like as a coach, really pulled some sleazy shit recently, saying former Titan's QB, Billy Volek threw the team "under a bus." Now, the rest of the football world is left to figure out what that even means.


The article alludes that part of the controversy revolved around Volek asking to be traded when the Titans brought in Kerry Collins. If you ask me, that's not screwing the team, that's the team screwing Billy Volek. It's not as if the Titans brought in a good quarterback to challenge Volek, or even Jeff George. They brought in Kerry Collins, who has been washed up since winning the 2000 NFC Championship. Volek can read the writing on the wall, and the writing reads "Redrum." Well, more accurately, "neetxis dna ho." He knew that he had no chance when they brought in a veteran quarterback. However, knowing Kerry Collins, they might as well have brought in an actual veteran. Even a Vietnam vet with no legs can avoid the pass rush better than Collins. Volek knew he wasn't going to start, he may as well not start for a good team.

Fisher also claimed that Volek never took advantage when he was named the starter. He's not the only player who had a poor preseason. However, that's the preseason. Volek is the only one that had a great passing rapport with Drew Bennett, the Titan's main receiver. He's filled in admirably when Steve McNair went down with his yearly injury. And even if he didn't take full advantage, he's still better than Vince Young and Collins when they are at their best.

The last claim was that Volek "lied" to him. Fisher didn't elaborate. Maybe this conversation went down:

Fisher: "Billy, what do you think our chances are this year?"
Volek: "I think we're a playoff team, coach."
Fisher: "That's BULLSHIT!"

OK, maybe not.

Volek, being the nice guy he is, said that he has no hard feelings towards the team or the coach. Then Fisher said he lied about that too! I don't know what's crawled up Jeff Fisher's ass. Maybe it was Kerry Collins hiding from Shawn Merriman.

Billy Volek probably isn't too concerned about it. While Fisher may have had the last word, Volek will be on a team that will be going deep into the playoffs. The same teamed that took some time on the Sabbath to rip the Titans a new asshole. It's tough to believe the Titans side of the story, because of the way they handled McNair in the offseason. Maybe one day, Volek and McNair can get together, watch a replay of a Titans game, and laugh about how they are on far better teams than the bitter one they left behind in Tennessee.