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Someone Give Dick Vermeil a Job

I didn't catch any of the Washington/Minnesota game last night, but I watched all of the San Diego/Oakland game, and it was quite enjoyable. The announce team (Brad Nessler, Ron Jaworski, and Dick Vermeil) was a pleasant suprise. Someone needs to hire Vermeil for a national broadcast -- he'd benefit any network. The announcers didn't try and become the game, they simply called it and added valuable perspective. Vermeil in particular brought his coaching experience to the game -- referencing players he drafted and giving some scouting on them, relating to old stories from his days. Good job all around. He was funny without sounding like he was trying too hard to be, and he's a genuine and likeable personality. Plus, there's always the chance he could break down crying in the middle of a broadcast. You've got to be rooting for that.

Listening to the entire crew last night, Vermeil in particular, reminds me that it can't be that hard to add color to a football broadcast. Why can no one seem to get it right? So this morning, we salute you Dick Vermeil. I'm not sure if I'll hear you call a game again this season, or ever, but you should take pride in knowing that Theismann, Aikman, Madden, hell, even Kornheiser cannot compete with you in the booth.



They should replace Tony Kornheiser with Dick Vermeil.

I totally agree with you on your assessment of Vermeil. What I wouldn't pay to have him replace Theisman IMMEDIATELY.

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