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NFL Preview: Washington Redskins

Finally!!!!! We have to admit, we've grown to despise these NFL previews, and we're happier than Rush Limbaugh in a pharmacy to be done with them. I'm pretty sure next year, you won't be seeing us do this again. So, it is with that that we relievedly present to you the LAST of our 32 team previews, the Washington Redskins.


TOM'S TAKE: The Redskins are a trendy Super Bowl pick after surprising teams last year and bringing in Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Lloyd this offseason. But then they completely blew it in the preseason, and people are starting to back off. I've been off of them all summer long.

First of all, this is what the Redskins do every year. They bring in a ton of big-money free agents, and everyone thinks they're going to dominate, and they do nothing but disappoint. Neither Randle El or Lloyd are as good as the hype preceding them might lead you to believe. True, the trio of Randle El, Moss, and Lloyd is a pretty good 1-2-3, but they've still got Mark Brunell throwing them the ball. Brunell confounded expectations last year but began to show his true colors in the playoffs. Last year's Redskins were a one-year wonder.

I expect another year up to Clinton Portis' standards as long as he can return from his shoulder injury in reasonable time. And Chris Cooley will be the most productive receiver on the Redskins. Remember, their new offensive coordinator, Al Saunders, is the same guy who helped make Tony Gonzalez the best tight end in football. Those are the two that will bring consistency to the team each week, while the receivers make the occasional big play.

At some point this year, Joe Gibbs is going to have to make the decision to go to Jason Campbell. I think it'll be the best move in the interests of Washington's future. How early Gibbs makes the decision, and how quickly Campbell can produce, will mark how average the Redskins' season is. I still see them missing out on the playoffs to the Eagles and Giants.

And yes, I totally mailed this preview in. Sue me.