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Peyton Manning Is A Jerk

This has irked me for a while. I'm sure by now you've seen the commercial for DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket, in which Peyton Manning diverts his attention from the snap of a Colts/Titans game to inform the viewer that with NFL Sunday Ticket, you could watch up to 14 games every Sunday. You could watch my brother Eli play the Dallas Cowboys.

It's bad enough that we'll have to endure another 8 years of Manning/Manning ads all over our TVs. What's worse about this ad is Peyton Manning's need to embarass teams in order to pad his own stats and Tony Dungy's complete lack of backbone to stop him. The Colts are deep in Titans territory, leading the Titans 28-3 with about 2:30 left in the 4th quarter. It's 3rd & 5 when Manning breaks action to pitch the satellite service. He says, "I've gotta run," and then audibles to a pass, hitting a receiver in the end zone. Was that pass really necessary? The Titans run defense isn't very stout. There's a good chance that the right run play, maybe a sweep to the right, would pick up those five yards. But even if the Colts were put in a 4th & 2 or 4th & 1, a field goal would suffice. There's no way the Titans were gonna come back -- why add insult to injury? It's just poor sportsmanship.

Why is there even a need for Tony Dungy? At this point, Manning's calling all the shots. He tutors the rest of the team on the sidelines, calls the plays, probably signs off on the practice schedule before Dungy can post it. Dungy's a figurehead. The Colts need to realize that they need a disciplinarian to rope Manning and his Spurrier-esque love of running up the score. It's just bad karma. You wonder why the Colts can't win in the postseason? Why Vanderjagt missed that field goal against Pittsburgh? What goes around, comes around.



You sound very petty. Peyton might be a jerk to you, but you must have run out of things to write about, This is rediculous! The man is having tremendous success in the league and it's his job to score as many points as he can. Doing this also alleviates the pressure of having a not great defense.
What is he expected to do, keep the score close so the other team has a chance to come back in the end, or feel better about themselves? Give me a break!

(Watches the joke fly over Ned's head)

Ned I don't think you understand anything about football. The Titans would need to score four times if the play was a run and only netted the colts a field goal. Four touchdowns 2:20 is not going to happen. The comerical just makes me hate Manning more for not showing any class. Stop sucking mannings slong like the rest of the media is.

Hey Chris, and anybody who believes that commercial. For your information, in that game, Peyton Manning threw a TD pass just 6 minutes after halftime, and it was a short route that Reggie Wayne took 30 yards for the score. That was the last TD pass he threw that game. THE SCORE IN THE 4TH QUARTER came from a LARRY TRIPPLET FUMBLE RETURN FOR 60 YARDS!!! You all are retarted, Manning has more class than that. So you are obviously clueless, and have no arguement to base your stupid claims off of. They probably did run a sweep, but it was JIM SORGI tossing the ball to DOMINIC RHODES in the 4th quarter because Manning was out of the GAME YOU DUMBASS. MAKING THAT COMMERCIAL FAKE!!! SO GROW A DICK AND FIND SOMETHING MORE USEFUL TO DO WITH YOUR POINTLESS LIVES!


It was a joke guys. I know the commercial is fake. Seriously.

It was meant for humor purposes. You know? Ha. Ha. Ha...

also peyton is ugly.

We all know that commerical is not real and just an advertisment but, Peyton is the joke. Not only a joke, but an ego fanatic. We saw that at the press conference he gave after the Colts lost their first playoff game...a first class whack job.
Why the Titans? Very poor judgement on his part to pick apart team that doesn't stand a chance to win in a nationaly run commerical. He's a loser and the connoisseur of choke artists. When he wins a superbowl then he'll be called great. Right now he's good because he has great receivers. Without them he'd be a sober Kerry Collins

I am ashamed within all yo foos. I meen re-u-lee dawg. He goes out there and busts his tukis just toe read dis' crap? dawg dat's knot cuu. Peyton is a-da-bomb droppin' down on all da adda teams pitiful souls. Ya dig? Chimp Out!

I really hope you don't actually talk like that, Chimp. I've never known anyone to type ebonics word for word in a message board. A little much, dontcha think?

Ha. Amen, Zombie.

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