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Chris Mortensen Got...Um...Served

Thank you Peter King, for finally bringing light to an issue that needed to be addressed: Chris Mortensen's girlish country club attire in a recent ESPN commercial. Mort's ever the vision of manliness with that sweater tied around his neck and his hair perfectly coifed. And now Peter King is setting down his boombox, pressing play...

Let's see you daaaaaaaance, sucka! You've got nothin' on me!!!!!

Here's the quote: Hey, Mort: It's cool that you're going to be someone's fantasy-football GM. But that commercial ... did you have to look so ... so unmasculine?

So Chris Mortensen's been served. If he chooses to serve Peter King back...well, it's on. I'm hereby backing Peter King in this beef, and encouraging everyone to prod and provoke these two into some form of battle, preferably knife fighting. Everyone's in on this, right?

(If anyone has a picture of Mort from this commercial or a video of the actual commercial, well, I'll mail you a cookie)



Yo, I'll take that action. King is a sissy who will fold at the first sight of metal. "Who's bad?" Mortenson's bad, didn't you see A History of Violence? Oh, wait...

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