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Joe Horn's a Great Guy

People hate Joe Horn for reasons I can't comprehend. The cell phone? Terrell Owens has done worse. Speaking in third-person? The Rock made millions and a successful movie career out of it. All Horn's done is make the bold jump from community college to Pro Bowl. And he's made it fun along the way. So what gives? You've got to love a guy who, during Monday Night player intros which involve references to THE Ohio State, The "U", USC, etc, looks bravely in the camera and says, "Joe Horn. The Canadian Football League." That's a guy sticking to his roots.

If you needed further proof, here's some. It's the one year anniversary of the worst stretch of Hurricane Katrina, and Horn did more than anyone can realize to help the area. Not only did he offer his house to people (if they're desperate enough to break into places and steal things, they must really need them, so why not make it easier and less illegal, was his logic), but there are stories that go unnoticed like this (scroll towards the bottom):

There was a Saint in New Orleans during the wrath of Hurricane Katrina and his name is Joe Horn, pro-football player for the New Orleans Saints. As I sat in my room at the Hilton Riverside, New Orleans, on Saturday two days before Katrina was scheduled to directly hit New Orleans, I weeped while I phoned home to North Carolina, to speak with my mother and my children. It had been confirmed that my flight was canceled along with that of my husband and 50 others. We all were frantically trying to evacuate. I sobbed as I was told by each rental car company that there were no cars available. I thought I was trapped.
But, unbeknownst to me my mother had placed a call to Joe Horn to see if he could help. I hadn't spoken to him in over 20 years. Joe was a friend of my sister's in high school and had always kept in touch with my mother. This wonderful man personally came to pick up my husband and I and arranged for his driver to drive us from New Orleans to Atlanta, Georgia, at his expense, at which point we could fly on to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

I'm still amazed at his generosity and I will always be grateful to him. There is truly a saint in New Orleans!! Thank you, Joe Horn. You're my hero!!

Aleta Quinones
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Good work, Joe.