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Its Was a Banner Day for Washed-Up Quarterbacks

As Kyle mentioned earlier today, the Titans compromised the integrity of their franchise (although giving it a shot of hilarity) by signing Kerry Collins, or as I like to call him, The White Aaron Brooks. But you know it's like comedy Christmas for football fans when signing Collins to be your starter two weeks before the regular season begins isn't even the oddest move of the day.

Jeff George, enemy of West Coast offenses everywhere, decided to give it a second go-round with the Raiders and signed to compete with Marques (I'm not going to bother with the last name) for the third quarterback spot. George has a positive history with Art Shell and Randy Moss, who refers to George as his favorite of all the quarterbacks he's played with. But still, Jeff George? Why not just call Warren Moon out of retirement? He looked pretty spry at the Hall of Fame induction. The last time George was on an NFL field, I wasn't even able to legally vote. After doing a spit-take, I looked up George's age. I thought for sure he was in his mid-40s. Dude's only 38, so he's still young enough to play. But, uh, he isn't good enough to play. Oh well, I suppose it doesn't matter much anyway. Unless Oakland experiences a triple-quarterback catastrophe in which Aaron Brooks, Andrew Walter, and Marques all injure themselves in one game (a la the Jets last year), I don't think George will be seeing the field this year. That is, if he makes it past the cuts to 53.



Interesting write up, very enjoyable. And nice touch with the SI cover!

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