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Defending Todd Pinkston

OK, so Len Pasquarelli is one of my favorite football writers. But that doesn't make this any less ridiculous. Pasquarelli called into a radio show called the "Penner and Mac Show," who's hosts referred to Todd Pinkston as Todd "Stinkston." This upset Len from the very second he appeared on air. Good thing he doesn't read the Out Route, or else he'd be pissed at me for using the same moniker for the rail-thin receiver in our Philadelphia preview. Hopefully, he isn't aware that his own nickname around the Internet is "Len Pastabelly." Don't shoot the messenger, Len! I still love ya.

By the way, has anyone's voice not matched their face as much as Pasquarelli's? I was expecting him, despite his talent with words, to sound like a big, incoherent slob. Like Uncle Vito from that god-awful Viva La Bam show.