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Damn It Feels Good to be a Viking

Vikings really do have more fun. Safety Dwight Smith got in on the action when he was caught in a stairwell in the midst of "indecent conduct" with a girl. With all the boat parties, DUIs, bar fights, and now public sex, I think it's safe to say we should all hope that the Vikings don't win the Super Bowl. After some poor years in the recent past, these guys still party hard. I don't even want to imagine the magnitude of a party that's warranted with a Super Bowl victory. I would believe that the earth would explode from being overloaded with sex, drugs, and fighting -- and I believe there's a mathematical equation out there to prove it.

Smith, who supposedly was traded out of New Orleans after saying he didn't care about the city of New Orleans as long as he was getting paid, seems to be an impulse man. He's making millions in the NFL and he's doing it in a stairwell in a club? He couldn't hold out long enough to rent a motel room? I can't imagine the girl was that hot that he couldn't wait ten minutes so they could do it with a little more privacy.

As the article mentioned, Drew Rosenhaus did not return a phone call referring to the incident, since he was probably too busy thinking "What the hell are wrong with these people?" Don't pity him though. He's an asshole.

In other Vikings news, Koren Robinson was cut from the team for his repeat DUI and will be missing out on the biggest party the NFL has to offer. This season, the Vikings should aim to be known for football instead of partying. If they can't, though, Fred Smoot can always throw a party on his boat, and I'm sure that Dwight Smith will be front and center with everyone else up on deck, screwing the first girl he can find.