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Physical: 1. Thomas Jones: 0.

Thomas Jones is pissed. No, not because every time the Bears played on TV, Fox played Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual" (I'm pissed about that though). He's pissed at the Bears. Since he actually had a good season (1,335 yards last year), he wants a better contract. To prove this, he skipped the optional offseason work-outs and found himself demoted behind sophomore Cedric Benson. And how does he show the Chicago Bears that he's the man for the job? By straining his hamstring while running during his physical.


Good job, buddy. You didn't attend any of the voluntary offseason work outs, getting your ass demoted. You had one good year and five pretty shitty ones so you're assuming you have the starting roll and deserve a new contract. Then, you hurt yourself in a physical so you can't even compete with Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson for that role.

I know this all probably looks like bad luck. I look at it otherwise. Last year, Jones fired his agent to hire Drew Rosenhaus. Do you really expect any love from God when you align yourself with the Devil? Rosenhaus is just a bad influence. He's that guy in high school who convinced you to cut class, taking good kids and putting them on a bad path. Rosenhaus is just bad karma and Jones is paying for it.

Jones graduated in three years from UVA, so I figured he would be a pretty smart guy -- smart enough to realize that one good season does not a superstar make. Well, it looks like I was wrong.

How will this all end? Benson will get the starting job, having emerged from his physical unscathed, which is just what the Bears wanted. Jones just made their decision easier. He'll end up backing up Benson alongside Adrian Peterson. Hell, maybe he'll even have another good year at running back -- I mean, the grind of an NFL season can't be any more grueling than your physical.