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How Does One Misquote Themselves?

Wait. First, isn't an autobiography written by the subject of the biography? We're not naive enough to believe Terrell Owens actually wrote a word of either of his two books. But to call the book an autobiography and then later claim that the book misrepresents something you've said...well, that's something only T.O. is capable of.

Regarding his second book, T.O., which was actually written by Drew Rosenhaus' brother Jason, Owens claims that one point in the book which discusses his Super Bowl return from a fractured leg misquoted him. In the book, "Owens" says that his return was, If you'll forgive me for saying so ... nothing short of heroic. Forget about the fact that the book's second page features another "quote" from Owens that states, These are my words, straight from me to you. What's oddest about the story is that Owens is de-legitimizing a quote which features "him" boasting about himself. Is this the sign of a new, grown-up T.O? We'll be sure to find out the first time Bledsoe ignores Owens downfield for a far more open Jason Witten 15 yards downfield.



even in the picture t.o. is up his own ass. heh.

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