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Are We Dead?

You might have noticed (although probably not) that we were m.i.a. this weekend. We were too busy not being slaves to this world wide web thing, enjoying a beautiful tri-state weekend by making it to Yankee Stadium, after muchas problemas with our automobile, just in time to see the tarp being pulled out. But we withstood getting poured on to watch the Mets get one-hit by the Moose and Co. (Kyle was devastated). We smiled a thousand smiles finding out that the Devils locked up Patrik Elias, Jamie Langenbrunner, and Colin White long-term. Then we spent the rest of the weekend enjoying some cervezas, and taking solace with a LOT of dejected Brazilians at Central Park Sunday for Seu Jorge and Jose Gonzalez.

The crowd at Summerstage put aside the disappointment of another World Cup loss to France just long enough to dance their asses off. We, being white and therefore lacking rhythm, sat in the bleachers and admired the incredible musicianship of Jorge, whom you may know from City of God or The Life Aquatic.

We'll be back and forth sporadically until Wednesday, when normal updates will resume. Enjoy the holiday and remember -- fireworks are dangerous, so be careful. Unless you've got sparklers or bottle rockets, in which case you're just a big pussy.