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Come One, Come All

People love sports for more than just the games. This is a fact lost on the general non-sporting public--they think we follow sports to watch a bunch of pituitary cases display their freakish genetics. But there's a lot more going on than most people would realize--psychology, sociology, economics, and drama all play into sports as a whole, adding depth and layer upon layer of backstory every day. But most people, including the sports media, only seem to follow the games themselves. They'll give you coverage, that's for sure. But anyone even remotely familiar with a given sport can watch a game or look at a box score and get a feel for what's going on competitively. There are a rare few, however, that are forthright, analytical, and honest about EVERYTHING going on in sports and what role EVERYTHING plays in the outcome of the game.

Here at The Out Route, the sports desk of Glorious Noise, we're interested in lively, articulate debate about all things athletics. We're very opinionated, passionate people, and we're tired (as are you, most likely) of hearing Stu Scott feign intellectualism by dropping the word "neophyte" on every NBA broadcast (most of the time, by the way, improperly). We're tired of having our intelligence questioned by Chris Berman, his inane nicknames, and his fat face. We're tired of NASCAR and a horse with a broken leg getting more attention than hockey. And we're tired of people who don't use turn signals. But that's neither here nor there.

We hope you'll find a home here to discuss the world of sports and its many intricacies. Ideally, you'll hate what we have to say and will disagree with every word of it. Because that's how the fun starts.