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Hoops Hangover - Cuban Crisis

After owning control of the NBA Finals by taking a 2-0 lead, the Mavs are now on the ropes thanks to Miami's 98-74 win in Game 4 last night. Dwyane Wade had 36 and Shaq, who was knocked to the floor by Jerry "Ronnie Lott" Stackhouse, contributed 17 and 13. Stack must have temporarily envisioned himself as Cowboys' hard-hitter Roy Williams, though no one's confusing Shaq for Chad Johnson. "My impression was my daughters tackle me harder when I come home," O'Neal joked afterwards, apparantly completely over whatever drove him to ignore the media after his pitiful Game 2 performance.

The members of Miami's supporting cast, the Island of Misfit Superstars, have found a way to evolve into role players each contributing their piece while Wade runs around everyone on the court. Though I'm almost positive he exaggerates 80% of his injuries in order to awe everyone when he "overcomes" them, Wade has separated himself from LeBron and 'Melo by carrying the Heat to their must-win Game 3 victory and another great game last night. The Finals appeared to be heading towards a quick end, but Miami has made it interesting with one more game at home to take all the momentum from Dallas. No word if the Mavs' groupies were available post-game for a consolation shower, but we like to think they were.