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Cuban Disappoints

We were looking forward to the Mavs being in the Finals because of everyone's (sans David Stern) favorite owner, Mark Cuban. We figured no matter who won, Cuban wouldn't miss the opportunity to steal the spotlight from the guys who actually play the game, and he stayed the course all series long--shouting obscenities at David Stern, accusing the league of being rigged, insulting the refs, wearing a Jerry Stackhouse jersey to Game 5 in protest of the player's suspension--but when the Heat finished off the Mavs last night in Game 6 to cap off an improbable four-game run, Cuban did the most un-Cubanest thing he could have done--act classy.


The owner with the billion-dollar penis stood on the court and applauded the Heat as they celebrated their franchise's first championship. He's probably the only one in the blogdome not complaining about the Heat victory, which, in Cuban's defense, really does reek of a set-up. We guess it's not something handed down from David Stern, however. It comes down to this: certain guys "get" calls. If you're Pat Riley, Shaq, and Dwyane Wade, you get calls. Because the refs like you. If you're Mark Cuban (or anyone working for him), you don't. The Devils have suffered from the same thing the Mavs are experiencing for years since way-back head coach Jim Schoenfeld yelled at a referree (only to be captured by TV cameras and replayed a million times since) "Have another donut, you fat pig!" But, as a Devils fan, it was TOTALLY worth it.

So congrats to the Heat. I wanted to vomit when I caught the morning replay of Sportscenter to the exact moment Stephen A. Smith and Tim Legler were asked if the Heat will repeat next year. It is asked of every champion, in every sport, the day after they win. And without fail, at least one of the people asked answers, emphatically, "yes." It doesn't matter that there's still a thing called an offseason, with free agents and trades, and that these "experts" are predicting what will happen a year from now based on recent events (not considering the effects of one year on a player's body). Legs says the Heat will repeat next year, and goddammit, it shall be.