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The Blogger Tournament

Sports blogging has gotten big pretty quickly. You know it's true because I won't do anything until it's firmly entrenched as a trend and everyone else is doing it. It's an easy and safe way to avoid getting made fun of because if everyone is doing it, you can't be wrong.

Well, it's gotten so big that they're now being ranked in a March Madness style internet tournament. Apparently, this site is a website of female sports bloggers. So how do they spend their time? Ranking the guys of course. I guess they ran out of Cosmos so they could discuss 27 ways to please their man. (Obviously, I'm only joking. As my man Keith Hernandez said, You know I love you ladies.)

So why am I interrupting my weekly vacation from blogging to write about this? Because the OutRoute's own Tom4 is competing for his work for the NFL Fanhouse -- and his sexy look. After a good hour of careful research and deliberation, I find that my colleague is the better -- and prettier -- man so you should vote for him. Definitely read some of his FanHouse stuff if you need to be convinced. I bet you will be. Then browse around the tournament site. You get to read snippets of all the competitors' blogs, and more importantly, get to check out fabulous pictures of all the bloggers. My favorite are the guys that use this tournament as an opportunity to show pictures of themselves topless. Please, please, don't vote for those guys.

I'm sure you're all wondering why yours truly isn't part of this awesome blogger tournament. It could be because of the derogatory comments I made about the fine Texas Gals. Or it could be because every time I come to post something new, I have to dust off the website I use to post. It's probably the latter.

So whether or not you go to the page through the links I provided, or stumble upon it later because, like myself, you happen to think texas-gal.com is a porno site, vote for Tom4 so I can track his success into the tournament. Hell, it's better than the World Series of Poker.