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Yankee Fans...They're Very Creative

This video comes courtesy of the mothership, but it's an all-too-familiar sight. Nobody gets spared from the Yankee bleacher bums' brilliant -- and incredibly matured -- "YMCA" adaptation.

I have to admit to enjoying the bleacher experience at Yankee Stadium, mainly because, as an impartial baseball fan, I'm able to laugh at both the taunters and the tauntees (i.e., the ones sucking some d-i-c-k). After all, if you go to Yankee Stadium wearing Red Sox apparel -- specifically in the bleachers -- you've got to expect to draw the wrath of 1,000 suns (or the equivalent in dumb frat boys). And if the highlight of your day is using the above brilliant turn-of-phrase on a pubescent boy, you're not as untouchable as you may believe. It's fertile ground for anyone to chill in the cut and get a few good chuckles at the expense of others. And, really, isn't that what life is all about?