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Portis Ruins Images

For awhile, everyone liked Clinton Portis. But because of his smarts, that's about to change. You see, he's the guy -- probably the only guy -- who backs Michael Vick in the dog fighting fiasco. And he's not saying he doesn't think he did it. He's saying he thinks it's no big deal.

Now, since I'm a veterinary technician, I will completely bash each point this idiot made in Vick's defense.

"...it's his dog. If that's what he wants to do, do it."

Well, I'm sure by that logic, Portis supports child abuse and child molestation. It's your child, you can bruise or abuse them as much as you want, right?

"That can't be too bad of a crime."

A crime is a crime. Portis is not one to judge it. Anyone who wears those dumbass glasses isn't in position to interpret any law. Luckily, Commish Goodell doesn't go by "Not too bad of a crime." Oh, and pitting helpless creatures against each other is a bad crime.


"You take somebody that's doing positive in the community. You take a positive role model and put them behind bars for no reason, you know. Over a dog fight?"

Positive role model? What's the most positive part? His pot scandles or flipping off his own home fans? It's probably the dog fighting actually.

Then, later on to try to clean up the mess he made, he said "In the recent interview I gave concerning dog fighting, I want to make it clear I do not take part in dog fighting or condone dog fighting in any manner."

OK, it sounds like he does condone it. Or at least doesn't think it's a big deal. Clinton Portis has to be a complete dumbass to make these statements. He has to know that people really don't approve of malicious dog fights and he has to know that Vick is about to get some big time shit for it. Portis should be smart enough to keep his mouth shut. I don't care if he thinks the Holocaust didn't happen. You don't say it.

This won't affect Portis in the long run, and eventually people will forget. In sports, people forget the worst offenses, from Leonard Little's two DUIs, one in which he killed someone, to Najeh Davenport shitting in some college girl's laundry basket. You know Kobe raped someone -- allegedly? Portis' image won't be too tarnished, but he's still an idiot. And I hope some of you remember that for at least a little while.


I 100% agree with your comments. This Portis dude is a complete freaking idiot (and he looks like one too!)

And like you said, the sad thing is that most people will forget after a couple weeks.

What should happen is that these dumbass turds should loose their endorsements and all respect from the community. And fans that won't glorify them for their insane comments.

i actually think the davenport thing is kinda sweet.

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