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A-Rod Getting A Man-Rub

I was flipping through the channels last night and decided to stick with David Letterman for Andrew Bird (who, as you can see above, was awesome), but there was a bonus to be found. The show had a pre-taped segment from Yankees spring training that confirmed everything we previously believed of Alex Rodriguez -- he loves the strong feel of a man's hands rubbing his shoulders.

You can't see the video here, as CBS hasn't discovered the wonderful world of the embed option, but you can view the clip here.

It's man-tastic.

Imagine, for a minute, that you're Alex Rodriguez. You're starting the year off on the best foot possible, and you're doing it to spite all of those fickle Yankee fans, knowing that every valuable RBI you hit is going to hurt them that much more when you exercise your option at the end of the year and get out of that hellhole in the Bronx. Do you really want to provide Yankee fans with ammo like this? Might be a decision you'll come to regret. Just sayin'.