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A Record Could Go Down

I've been trying to get more recognition for the wonderful game of hockey for years. Hasn't happened. Even in the midst of a 30+ year record on the brink of destruction by not one but TWO goalies, you've got to watch ESPN for hours in hopes of a Barry Melrose appearance. You know nobody else on ESPN talks hockey.

ANYWAY, Bernie Parent's record for wins in a season has stood at 47 since the 1973-74 season. With three games remaining, Martin Brodeur sits at 46 wins. Roberto Luongo has 45 wins with four games left to play. If you're looking for a reason to get into the NHL -- well, it rules, that's a pretty good one. But this is further incentive. A record stands for 33 years, and now two goalies are on pace to destroy it -- what better drama is there? And this isn't a couple of flash-in-the-pan keepers relying on steroids to inexplicably smash the home run record. This is one of the best goalies of all time trying to add another record to his long list and the game's best young keeper trying to take the next leap.

Some may want to place an asterisk next to the record, if either player breaks it, because Parent broke the record in the tie-era of the NHL. With no deadlocks, keepers have more opportunities to win games. That might juice the numbers. But by the same token, goaltenders have more opportunities to lose as well, and neither Brodeur or Luongo have faltered.