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This Is Why I Prefer MySpace

When are people going to learn that the Internet is anything but private? The series of tubes is a dangerous thing -- access is available to everyone -- but consider this a case in technological Darwinism.

"White Nation" was coined by running backs coach and special teams coordinator Todd McNair, a black former NFL player. He first used the term affectionately during game films, according to accounts, after watching some white members of the kickoff team make a spectacular play.

"I made the name. The White Nation," McNair said. "Just playfully, man."

The group included white teammates Clay Matthews Jr., Brian Cushing, Dallas Sartz and David Buehler. The verbal back-and-forth that ensued was regarded throughout the team as good-natured humor.

That all changed, however, when Matthews started a group on the popular Internet meeting site Facebook. He called the group "White Nation." And, according to the Daily Trojan account, he added:

"This group is not for the faint of heart. All members are athletes of Caucasion [sic] descent.... We are just doing our duty of protecting the Arian (sic) brotherhood."

Not only was "White Nation" exposed in a public forum but someone posted a graphic of a handcuffed black baby with a caption the Daily Trojan said called for arresting "black babies before they become criminals."

I'm not one of those racially sensitive people. I'm all for different sorts of people getting together to make fun of each other as long as intentions are good. I think if we were just able to take these things in stride and laugh about them (obviously there was no sincere racism involved here), we'd be a more peaceful people. But we aren't able to take things in stride. And so this winds up in the LA Times.

Now these guys have a stigma that might not necessarily apply, and who knows what sort of disciplinary action they'll have to face. All because they let a perfectly acceptable inside joke get outside. I think the age of being naive about the Internet's globability is over. People should know better by now.



People have to start treating their social networking sites like their front lawn. If there is stuff that could get you in trouble or your just not proud of, don't put it in your front lawn.

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