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Matt Schaub -- He Can Be the Next David Carr

Matt Schaub has finally gotten his chance. The highly-toted backup to Atlanta's Model Citizen Mike Vick was traded to the Houston Texans for an exchange of first round picks (Texans get the 10th, Falcons get the 8th) and the Falcons get the Texans' second round pick in 2007 and 2008.

I've been saying that Schaub should be starting over Vick for awhile, but that was because the Out Route firmly believes that Mike Vick sucks. However, Matt Schaub is a big time question mark. The longer you're playing backup, the more of a risk you become. The last time Schaub really played was when he was still in college at Virginia. That was four years ago. His total NFL career line is 84 for 161 with six touchdowns and six interceptions. In retrospect, that's not as good as I remember Schaub being.

The Texans royally screwed up on this one. Now, I know Texans fans already hate me because I said that picking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush and Vince Young -- who was Rookie of the Year by the way -- was a bad move. Do you guys hate me more now that I was right? Alright, that's not fair. Defensive players need a little more time to adjust. Nonetheless, the Texans obviously didn't have a good quarterback because Carr is on his way out.

This time, the Texans gave up too much for an unknown. David Carr was more highly-touted out of college too, higher than Schaub. For all we know, Houston can be getting another David Carr back for all of these picks. Why risk that? And even more, they gave him six years and $48 million.

Carr will be traded and hopefully they can get a second rounder back. Maybe Carr will go to Oakland to compete for the starting job with Brady Quinn/JaMarcus Russell. Whereever he goes, he'll be competing for the starting job, but probably not getting it.

It's always possible that Schaub will be the man in Houston and they start getting going. They just gave up too much to risk that. Another questionable move by the Texans. Let's see how much the Houston fans hate me now.