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David Wells Is Now Diabetic

Well, the first results of the "How Will David Wells' Unhealthy Lifestyle Come Back To Hurt Him?" pool are officially in: Wells has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Controlling blood sugar by exercising, eating healthfully and taking medication helps prevent more serious complications.

Wells indicated his energy level is a little low but expects changes in both his diet and drinking habits to produce positive results.

Yeah, I can see how blood sugar can get out of hand when you exist on a diet of Twinkies and beer. Isn't it odd how the human body works, though? Wells, by everyone's standards of appearance (except maybe James Gandolfini's), is in awful shape. Yet, at almost 44, he's still pitching.

I guess everybody's body does react in different ways. Between Wells and the fact that Keith Richards is still alive, I no longer worry when pounding down those four-patty BK Stackers.