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A-Rod Leaves Return to NY Up To Yanks Fans (Dumbass)

Apparently, Alex Rodriquez will leave the decision to opt out of his contract at the end of the year up to the Yanks fans. This method seems rather socialist to me, and much like socialism's real-life form Communism, this'll never work.

Have you met fans with more mood swings than Yankee fans? One second they hate you, the next they love you, then they hate you again. They're very close to having Midol Day at the Stadium. So if you think they'll hate him this year because he had a horrid year last season, you're wrong. It just takes a month of hitting above .300 and one or two clutch homers, and you're a fan favorite. If A-Rod really is going to go by public opinion, it'll be more what he does the last month of the season instead of the whole season.

However, no matter how good he is in the regular season, if he bombs in the postseason again, he will get run out of town. And not by media reaction, excessive booing, or being trashed by radio shows. Fans will show up at his home with pitchforks and torches and actually run him out. Let's see Stu Scott call that on SportsCenter.

In the end, A-Rod justl doesn't get it. You have to be of a strong fortitude to make it in sports, especially in tough markets like New York. Alex cares too much about what others think about him. Who else would leave his career decisions up to fan reaction? Why would he opt out of a monster contract because he's not liked by some idiot fans? If he has a poor year, he'll never get a contract that is on par to the monstrous one he has now. He should only opt out if he has another good option. To be a great ball player, he needs to stop caring whatever people say about him. If he did, he'd probably have less errors and his slumps wouldn't last as long. And he wouldn't give a shit if he was friends with Derek Jeter.

I think that A-Rod will stay in NY. That's where the money will be, and I can't imagine him having a worse year that last year. The fans will warm up to him as he starts improving his game. He doesn't have to have the numbers he used to for the fans to stop going after him -- just above average ones. It's not like they're paying his salary. Unfortunately for A-Rod, after it's all said and done, he'll still care what everyone thinks. And that's the problem.