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Reggie Miller Follows Scottie Pippen's Footsteps?

The strange sight of Reggie Miller wearing a uniform that's not of the Pacer variety seems a little blasphemous, but if he was going to play anywhere but Indiana, Dallas is the right place. Anything to get Mark Cuban more publicity.

Apparently, Cuban is interested in bringing in Miller for the Mavs empty roster spot:

No way of knowing how serious it is yet, but Reggie Miller could be a candidate for the Mavericks' vacant roster spot.

Owner Mark Cuban brought up Miller's name before Monday's game against the Hawks. The former Indiana Pacers star is the No. 1 3-point shooter in NBA history. He retired after the 2004-05 season, but remains in excellent physical shape.

And joining the Mavericks would give him the chance to do about the only thing he never did in his illustrious career – win a championship.

I always liked Miller, especially after he started cross-dressing and going by the name Cheryl. I only wish the Mavs could play the Knicks in the Finals, that way we could get a Miller/Spike Lee sequel.