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Your Winning Super Bowl Ad

You've seen the commercials -- lots of dorks pitch their idea for the perfect Super Bowl ad, and the winner has his made. Well, there's a winner:

It doesn't involve monkeys, which is the typical formula for a successful Super Bowl ad, but I guess it's OK.

Personally, I think every NFL commercial break should feature Peyton Manning extensively. We don't get to see enough of him, in my opinion. No, really. Show me more Peyton Manning. And for chrissakes, put a goofy mustache on him, or some wacky sideburns. That's entertainment.

You know what? I'm coming around on this guy's commercial. No Peyton, no man laws, no John Mellencamp. You wonder why all of these big-wig ad executives can't come up with something that doesn't involve those three things.