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Whoever Drafts Adrian Peterson Is Making A Big Mistake

The draft declarations are starting to roll in: JaMarcus Russell, Dwayne Jarrett, and, now, Adrian Peterson is expected to announce his eligibility for the NFL Draft (or, as I like to call it, The Best Sporting Weekend That Doesn't Involve Any Actual Athletic Competition).

Considering how tight-assed NFL teams get about the draft -- your stock can spoil faster than Britney Spears' looks if you so much as jaywalk -- it's pretty incredible that someone will grab Peterson in the early-to-mid first round. Peterson has missed an awful lot of games in his college career due to multiple injuries. We're not talking about one sort of serious injury like a torn ACL. We're talking about chronic injuries. A sequence of injuries. A cadre of injuries, if you will. OK, so it's only really been a couple of injuries, but that's a trend nonetheless.

I don't wish injury on anyone, but you just kind of expect Peterson to miss six weeks in his rookie year with a high ankle sprain or turf toe or some unfortunate groin ailment. In short, Adrian Peterson is probably going to be about as durable as Fred Taylor.



Dude, he broke his collarbone last season, how is getting a bone broken chronic? Before that he missed 1 game in two seasons.

Actually, blucas, Peterson missed time in 2005 with an ankle injury.

And if you want to know about how a broken collarbone can become a chronic problem that can derail a career, look no further than Charles Rogers. Broke his collarbone early in his rookie year, came back healthy for the start of his second year and broke the other side. Collarbones are fragile...unlike other bones, they're more prone to being re-broken.

Actually, he was right, Peterson only missed one game before this season's collarbone injury and here is your link...


Granted he played sparingly in a couple of the games, he still played. Also, comparing Charles Rogers' injury to Peterson's isn't an accurrate or fair comparison. Rogers went up for a pass and basically drilled himself into the ground and missed a much longer portion of time than Peterson. It was actually thought that Rogers injury was so bad that many said he was "rushed" back and it happened 11 months later. He was healthy, but not fully in shape and that bone was obviously tender. Peterson's injury held him out a much smaller portion of time and his injury was not as severe.

The ankle injury was a tweak that made him miss 1 game and was used in limited roles in a couple others, but still managed 1100 yards and 5.0 ypc that season.

My point is the comparison you make isn't a fair one. And Willis McGhad a VERY nasty knee injury and he has only missed 2 games in his career (both this year). And we are talking knees vs. collarbones, both very vital, tender areas. It all depends on the changes Peterson makes, and he will be fine.

Plus, ya know, he's absolutely sick. And there aren't a whole lot of good backs in this year's draft (which you can bet affected AP's decision).

your a fuckin dumb ass

Whoever said; "Whoever drafts Adrian Peterson is making a big mistake" made a big mistake by making such a bonehead statement. Look at the intensity the man runs with. If you or me ran (ONCE) like that it would cripple us for life. This guy loves to pound. Get yourself another job or do more research in the future.

ADrian Peterson is an amazing running back and the Vikings will kick ass with him

boy. this little story is pretty comical now. NFL RUSHING RECORD you fool!!

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