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Nick Saban Goes Where The Money Is

Nick Saban, in possibly the least surprising development of the young NFL offseason, has accepted the job at Alabama.

It should come as no surprise that Saban took the money and ran; whose loyalty can't be bought for $35M? I wouldn't take it personally if I were a Dolphins fan, it's probably for the best to have a coach who actually wants the job instead of someone who's proven to be as flighty as Saban. But as a sports fan, I'm downright perturbed.

Saban spent weeks denying his interest in the job, and strung us along until this morning to make his decision. I don't want to hear that Saban was trying to keep the Alabama rumors from distracting the Dolphins mid-season. If that were the case, how'd the rumors leak initially? And why did Saban continue to discuss the rumors even after emphatically declaring that he wouldn't? And why couldn't he just make his decision on Monday, after the season was over?

I'm sick of people in sports holding the public hostage for headline space. Saban milked all of the publicity he could out of his potential move. Just like Brett Favre. He says his decision will come in a couple of weeks. By mid-August, we might finally have an answer from him.



I just wish I was surprised.

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