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Mike Vick: Role Model Extraordinaire

Unfortunately, I couldn't completely relay sarcasm in the title, but I think you get the idea with the "I'd Hit It" picture. Mike Vick's the guy who flipped off his own fans earlier this season. Now, at a Miami airport, his water bottle was confiscated because the 20 oz. water bottle was more than it seemed. There was a secret compartment hidden behind the label that smelled like marijuana and had small particles in side.

I guess when you're a NFL quarterback, you have the money to have Q from James Bond build you something to sneak around your pot in. Vick was not detained, probably because he's Mike Vick. However, if there was a decent amount of pot left, he would have been held. That means he was actually dumb enough to carry around the water bottle instead of putting it in his bag or throwing it out after the pot was finished. Either way, couldn't he just hide the pot up his ass like the rest of us?

This should make Bobby Petrino's decision between Vick and back-up Matt Schaub a bit easier. Although Petrino has claimed he would like to hand over his offense to Vick, he'll have a whole offseason to realize that Mike Vick has not worked out with the Falcons. There's only so long the receivers, defense, and coaching staff can be blamed before someone points the finger at Vick.

OK, now it's time for me to go prepare myself from the barrage of criticism from the Mike Vick hater-haters. Let's hear it.



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