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Schiano Better Stay

People from New Jersey have an inordinate sense of pride. It's an us vs. the world mentality in the Garden State. That's why I'll be pissed if Greg Schiano leaves Rutgers for Miami.

Look, I could give a shit about college football. And I've never claimed to be a fan of the Scarlet Knights. But Schiano is a Jersey boy coaching a Jersey school, and the thought of him leaving that school -- for Miami, no less! -- as soon as he experiences his first major success as a coach makes me sick.

This is a problem that I often have with sports -- the lack of any sort of loyalty beyond that of a fan to his/her team -- and it's amplified by the location. Schiano's put in six seasons of work at Rutgers to turn that school's program around, and now that they're the feel-good story of college football he's going to leave? That's bush league. Isn't there more to enjoying the fruits of your labor than cashing in on a big payday at a bigger school? Like, how about finishing what you started at Rutgers with a series of strong recruit classes by bringing the school a national title?

I don't care if he was the defensive coordinator at Miami for two years. It's still bush league. He has a chance to become the most beloved coach in school history. He also has a chance to draw the ire of a rejuvenated fanbase.

The decision is all his. Let's hope, for the honor of New Jersey, he makes the right choice.



Who cares about Rutgers! The BCS is a sham. Michigan got robbed. Florida sucks!

No he will run screaming from New Brunswick for another school. Consider it the Jets effect.

The news is out that Schiano told Miami that he was staying. Good move too. And it's not just how the fans would think of him.

The fact is, Coker had one bad season and that wiped out the two national championship games and his insanely high winning percentage. Miami has way too high of expectations. Rutgers sucked horribly before Schiano. If he has a bad season, people will say, "OK, but remember Rutgers before Schiano?" He'd have to live up to the legacy of other coaches in Miami. He is the legacy at Rugers. Because of that, Rutgers will be much less stressful than Miami.

Plus, it's much nicer to be the man who made the program what it is, not the man who has kept a program what someone else made it.

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