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Neverending Trade Talks

There are few constants in life. Death. Taxes. Trade rumors involving Allen Iverson and Manny Ramirez.

Will the latter ever come true?

It seems as if every year, Manny and AI are the center of their respective rumor circuits. Their teams are always shopping them, and nothing ever happens about it.

It looked as if the Sixers were finally serious about dealing Iverson, saying they wanted to part with him quickly. That was a week ago and there hasn't been any word of any sort of serious developments. A number of teams are interested and have the pieces to make a deal work (most notably Boston), but still, no word.

Do the Sixers actually want to get rid of Iverson? Or are they dangling these trade rumors above his head as if to say, "Yeah, sorry Allen. We're trying. We just can't get anything done. Looks like you'll have to remain a Sixer in the meantime." Without Iverson, the Sixers might actually sell 76 tickets a game. Of course, he's not playing. His locker is cleaned out. He's a ghost as far as the team is concerned. So maybe Philadelphia just feels like torturing their already shell-shocked city some more. And you wonder why I can never really love the NBA.

As for Manny, forget it. He's never going anywhere. Ever.