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Come Back, Scotty

Jerry Rice is like the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith: once great, arguably at the top of their game, but hung around way too long and made a joke out of themselves.

On the other hand, Scott Stevens is Pavement, Soundgarden, and My Bloody Valentine. He was consistently great, evolved with the times, and now everyone wants him back. Or at least I do.

I was sitting at my editor's desk last night when I saw the special pullout The Star-Ledger printed when the Devils won the Stanley Cup in 2003. It had a giant color picture of Stevens holding the Cup in euphoria on it. And I realized how much I missed seeing him on the ice.

So watch this video. Because he's one of the top 5 defensemen of all-time. And he hits better than any safety or linebacker in the NFL. My favorite is #3, because it set the tone for the Devils' first Stanley Cup, and after the hit he was caught looking at the Red Wings bench, pointing at someone and saying "You're next."



did you read the message board on that devils page? pretty unusual stuff. My favourite line comes from FrequentyFried: "Scott stevens is a wet pussy". The last word was about Lindros being tougher than Stevens. Sounds kinda like some bunk to me.

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