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Until Monday?

Kyle and I will be around sparingly this weekend, so try not to miss us too much. We'll update a couple of times through the weekend, but in case we don't, don't say I didn't warn you.

You see, tonight, we're going to see one of my favorite bands -- The Decemberists. It'll be my third time seeing the merry bunch of Portland roustabouts, Kyle's second, and we're pretty sure it's going to be totally-fucking-badass. So if you happen to be at Hammerstein tonight, look for us and say hi. We'll be part of the three-man group standing in front, blocking people's views even though we're all 6'2'' and should really let some of the shorties in front of us. Oh well. Darwinism, as they say.

There's also the new Borat movie to be seen, football Sunday, and a lot of other great adventures we'll be getting ourselves into.

As a weekend treat, though, I'm giving you a taste of the fine band we'll be partaking tonight. We don't typically turn the spotlight to music here at the Out Route, we leave that to Jake and the boys at GloNo, so feel blessed and enjoy this tasty number. It's called "The Engine Driver", is on The Decemberists' album Picaresque, and is splendid. See ya when we see ya.

The Decemberists - "The Engine Driver"