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Happy Thanksgiving

I was planning on taking today off, but I decided it'd only be fair, seeing as how my lack of DSL service (eat a dick, Verizon) prohibited me from posting earlier in the week, that I give you guys something today. So check out the Thanksgiving message above from Kyle (not our Kyle), a Cowboys fan who's undergone some notoriety recently for his weekly Cowboys YouTube missives. For the rest of his collection, click here. And to pump you up for tonight's game, here's a commercial to excite the 10,000 people in America who get the NFL Network and can watch tonight's Chiefs/Broncos game. The awesome song, by the way, is Doves' "Words," from their stellar The Last Broadcast.

Oh, and one more, from last year's games.




I was expecting the great Football Nation to rise up in revolt because the Broncos-Chiefs game was unavailable to about half the country. (See: "Rocky’s Football Corner".) But instead it seems folks were only mildly annoyed. Must be all that turkey folks consumed... they didn't care. Still a pretty good game, especially if you like the Chiefs.

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