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Go Away, Baseball!

Christmas fever is spreading. No, not the type of illness that involves frosty, jolly nights and charitable human spirit; you know, the kind you see in movies. It's the illness that causes Christmas preparations to begin earlier and earlier each year. I saw decorations and holiday sales spark up here in Jersey in early January. No joke. I call it Christmas fever.

Well, it's spreading to baseball. Time was, I used to be able to enjoy the time from October to April because it was a welcome reprieve from the infinite season. Same thing with Christmas. I love the holiday season, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't feel right thinking about Christmas until December 1st. Likewise, we're not even near the NFL playoffs and people are already starting to talk about hot stove reports. Can't you just give it a rest? Didn't the Cardinals win the World Series, like, yesterday?

Surprisingly, the talk these days isn't revolving around A-Rod. Alfonso Soriano is the big name this offseason. And I hate him for it. The Phillies are interested? Wow, thrilling. No, really guys. Keep telling me about it. Oh, that blood running down my ears? It's normal. Please, continue.



I hear ya, but I'm already there in August for NFL preseason.

Though I also think NFL preseason should be outlawed.

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