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Will the Raiders Go 0-16?

Congratulations to the Lions, Bucs, and Titans yesterday for getting off the shitter and picking up their first wins of the season. I generally don't like to see teams continuously fail. Especially when, as has been pointed out before, I picked one of them (I'm looking at you, Jon Kitna) to win their division.

But, as I said to Kyle last night, the Raiders are the first team who's constant self-destruction actually amuses me. Last night, Andrea Kremer released the reasoning behind the decision to suspend Jerry Porter. Apparently, he's refused to practice with the offense after being stuck on the scout team as of late, and he recently complained about the length of practice and began cursing when ordered to stop joking around. Good to see things are still going well in Oakland.

When Kremer reported the facts during the game, she accidentally said Randy Moss instead of Porter, which really cuts to the heart of why the Raiders are dysfunctional. If you had no idea what the suspension was about before Kremer reported it, you'd absolutely believe Moss was the person involved. It just seems natural. But anyway, this is the question I pose to you, our readers, and I hope you'll respond in the comments. Will the Raiders go 0-16? No one's ever done it, although the Bengals did go 0-14 before the season was expanded to 16 games. If any team is capable of doing it, though, it's the 2006 Oakland Raiders. They've got the Cardinals, Steelers, Seahawks, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Texans, Bengals, Rams, Chiefs, and Jets left. On paper, it looks like the Cardinals, Texans, and Jets games are relatively winnable, and there are always upsets that no one sees coming (hello, Bucs vs. Bengals). So it's conceivable the Raiders will win a game, but I think we can all agree it'd be better if they didn't.

Will the Raiders go 0-16 or not?



I am not a spiritual person and I very rarely pray for anything... except winning the lottery... but I have found myself routing for Da' Raiders to go 0-16. If they get it, they deserve it. Other than getting Randy Moss, and I'm not sure that was even a good move, the player personel moves over the last 4 years have been idiotic. Try gettng a few people on the up side of their careers for once. And bringing back Art Shell... nice move, I thought he was dead. Honestly. Nice guy, but he wasn't a good coach 10 years ago, what made geriatric Al Davis think he could still coach. The most impressive thing Shell has done is remained as fat as he was a decade ago and still lived.

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