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Favre Getting In Other People's Business Again

Note to Brett Favre: Just because you throw balls to your wide receivers doesn't mean you can speak on their behalf.

Not having learned his lesson from the Javon Walker situation -- a series of events that made him look like an idiot when Walker expressed concerns over his contract because of the possibility of being injured and then, promptly, tore his ACL and missed a season after Favre told him in so many words to shut up and get back to camp -- Favre is now sticking up for Koren Robinson, his teammate of...oh...three weeks?

Granted, Favre has a point when he says that the league's substance abuse policy focuses on punishment over rehabilitation. By banning players who are suspended from even being around their team or its headquarters, you're alienating people who need as much of a positive influence as possible (although, I'm not sure how an NFL locker room qualifies as a place of positive influence. Lots of unspeakable shit happens in those walls). Still, the program doesn't really qualify as rehabilitation -- especially since it never seems to stop people from offending repeatedly -- as much as it's just a punishment, a means to ostracize.

But Favre, regardless, needs to keep his mouth shut. It's not his place. Koren Robinson is a grown-man, he can speak for himself. Maybe I'm a little anti-Favre at the moment because I'm sick of hearing his wishy-washy retirement bullshit, but I feel as though he's equating Hall of Fame status with the permission to get on a soapbox. It's a football press conference, Brett. I'm not sure what the question was that prompted that response (or if it had anything to do with Robinson in the first place), but a little discretion goes a long way. You're a powerful man in NFL terms, Brett. Don't exercise it through the media.