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Don't Ask for Kyle

If you're wondering where Kyle's been recently, he's been tied up in the NLCS. And, uh, I'm not sure if I'll ever see him again anymore. So don't ask about him.

I'm afraid to call him because I'm not sure what kind of person is going to pick up the phone. I just picture him under a bridge somewhere, covered in cardboard and possibly crying. Probably intoxicated and singing Beck's "Lost Cause" to himself.

Had it been a decisive victory by the Cards, things might be different. But I'm afraid watching Beltran look that last strike into Molina's glove might have done something awful to him, something worse even than sleeping with a dead guy inside a Quik Stop bathroom. And after watching Aaron Heilman take the hill in the ninth, I'm sure Billy Wagner is right there next to him.



ok, so great series. back and forth and very even in almost every way. on to Detroit!

Go Cards

PS>>>not feeling good about our chances against the Tigers but I thought that about the Padres and Mets too so what do i know.

i'll tell you what - everything else aside, sitting in a living room in los angeles watching the mets beat the dodgers was pretty goddamned great.

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