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RE: The Raiders Cohesiveness

"The Million Dollar Man" Jerry Porter is the only one having a chuckle in Oakland today after the Raiders looked like a bad high school team against the Chargers last night.

It didn't take long before the wheels completely fell off the Raiders' season. It started in the preseason when it was vaguely suggested that the team would be better off with Andrew Walter. It continued over the weekend with Randy Moss' weird comments about it being crazy in Oakland and about walking on eggshells. And now, well, not only are the wheels off, the engine is on fire and a pidgeon is shitting all over it.

Jerry Porter was seen laughing and pumping his fist after Chargers' seventh sack on Aaron Brooks last night. Porter's been a distraction all offseason long, and was inactive last night. Then again, so were the rest of the Raiders.

I'm not entirely sure I blame Porter. You're all aware by now how I feel about Brooks. One thing is for sure, though -- the Raiders are going to be a lot of fun to watch this season. I think this is the year they give Al Davis a heart attack and end him for good.