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Putting a Bow On These Predictions

To be honest, I don't even know why we bothered with the NFL previews. I can't speak for Kyle, but I know I usually feel these predictions are worthless because there's always, you know, injuries to take into account. And there are always good teams that wind up sucking and bad teams that wind up doing really well. And there's always the chance Kerry Collins becomes your starter -- that can derail a season in a heartbeat. It's just a silly practice -- one that we, with our first taste of public influence (over all 20 of you), got horribly caught up in. We're sorry. Pinky-swear it won't happen again.

But even though we realized maybe 5 previews in that we probably fucked up pretty badly, we figured we might at that point we had to go through with it. And this is the little apres-treat to our previews: our playoff predictions, which can be ridiculed and picked apart once the real playoffs prove how little we know about football. Laugh away...



AFC East - Patriots
AFC North - Bengals
AFC West - Chargers
AFC South - Colts
Wild Card - Steelers
Wild Card - Jaguars

AFC Conference Finals - Bengals over Patriots

NFC East - Eagles
NFC North - Lions
NFC West - Seahawks
NFC South - Panthers
Wild Card - Giants
Wild Card - Rams

NFC Conference Finals - Panthers over Eagles

Super Bowl - Panthers over Bengals


AFC East - Pats
AFC North - Bengals
AFC South - Colts
AFC West - Denver
Wild Card - Dolphins
Wild Card - Steelers

AFC Conference Finals - Steelers over Broncos

NFC East - Giants
NFC North - Bears
NFC South - Panthers
NFC West - Seahawks
Wild Card - Lions
Wild Card - Redskins

NFC Conference Finals - Giants over Panthers

Super Bowl - Steelers over Giants