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Odell Thurman Refuses to Drive Sober

In an act of defiance not seen since Leonard Little decided that manslaughter was no reason to stop driving drunk, Odell Thurman was arrested for DUI. AGAIN.

You might recall Thurman from news stories in the summer about his previous DUI arrest, which led to a 4-game suspension to start the season. Kyle and I both made note of Thurman's importance to the team, agreeing that if the Bengals could win without Thurman their defense would prove to be one of the best in the league upon his return. They're 3 games in and 3-0, they were supposed to get Thurman back in Week 5. But that probably won't happen.

Thurman blew a .18 (that's it?), more than double the legal limit in every state except Texas (that could be a lie). The next step after a 4-game suspension is a dismissal for the entire season. That word will probably come down before Thurman has even finished serving his original suspension.

When questioned about Thurman's breathalizer results, Steve Foley was quoted as saying: "Who can't handle a vehicle with a .18? Pussy."