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It's a Sad World

I love football. I love the NFL. I love college. I love covering high school for work. But this is just awful.

According to a recent article, high school football coaches in Texas get paid, on average, about $31,000 more than high school teachers do.

There's a long-standing debate about whether or not the jobs merit the salaries. On one hand, these coaches are putting in longer hours and working more days (the average coach works about 40 more days a year than a teacher). And coaches are building (at least, ideally) positive characteristics in their players. And they get kids scholarships into schools they might not otherwise be able to afford. But what about the teachers?

Teachers have responsibility beyond the school day, organizing curriculums, grading papers, setting extra curricular activities in place, and they, you know, teach. Sports shouldn't take precedence over an education, and if coaches are continuing to get paid more than teachers, I'd understand why no one wants to take up the profession. It's demoralizing.

Of course, this is in Texas, which is an anomaly. High school football is life in Texas. And let's not forget -- the difference in average pay, $31,000, is more than I make in an entire year. So, you know, there's always that, teach.



That's crap! I think teacher need to be paid much more. I may be biased on this one.

no, you're right. teachers and doctors are the only two truly noble professions we have. doctors make money but unfortunately usually in ethically devoid ways (can you put a price on brain surgery? not really. can you put a price on advil in hospitals? yes. and it should be significantly less than it is...though i doubt the doctors are personally raking in the dough on that one). But teachers are pure goodness, even if a lot of them tend to be jerkoffs. Nobody goes into teaching for the money though, and it might be scary if teaching were a big moneymaker because you'd get a lot of people doing it just for the money...

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