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In Other Kid-Hate News....

Remember Lawrence Phillips? Of course you don't. Well, he was a sixth-overall pick of the Dick Vermeil-led Rams in 1996. He was a running back. He was supposed to be pretty good. He once, in college, dragged his girlfriend down a flight of steps by her hair because she was in bed with another football player. He made Dick Vermeil cry (who hasn't?). He was accused of choking some other girlfriends. He missed the block that could have saved Steve Young's career. He's a real great guy.

Well, last summer, after losing a pickup game of football to a group of teenagers, Phillips hit them with his car. Yes, you read that correctly. A former NFL player lost a pickup game of football to three teenagers. And then he tried to run them over.

Now his attorney is claiming that it was an accident. Reckless driving, not assault. But considering the man's past display of moral fiber, do you believe him?

Some kids look up to Jerry Rice and say "I want to be like him." Or Emmitt Smith. Or Brett Favre (OK, maybe not anymore). But do you think Mo Clarett looked at Phillips and said, proudly, "That's my guy"?