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Giambi Listens to The Out Route

Yesterday, I posted a blog featuring a menagerie of sports stories. My leadoff was about Jason Giambi's hideous mustache.

Well, according to The Star Ledger, during the sixth inning, Giambi went into club house and shaved it off.

The article thinks he was doing it because of a 0-16 skid. But this is how I think things went down.

Giambi snuck down to the clubhouse in order to rub one out between innings. Before bringing up his porn site of choice, he checked out The Out Route, of which I'm sure he's an avid reader. He must have read my blog and then, like Paul's epiphany on the Road to Demascus where Jesus appeared before him and made him believe, he immediately realized the error of his ways.

Jason, I'm glad you finally came back from the dark side. Don't worry, there's no reason to thank us. Your love and respect for The Out Route is all we need...or an autographed Jeter bat. That'd be cool too. To sell, of course.



Ahh you are genius. And yes that mustache was hideous.

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