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Enjoy the Day

It's an autumn Sunday, and you know what that means. The smell of competition, intense physical warfare; it could all only mean one thing. Preseason hockey!

OK, so maybe that's not what you're thinking about today. Frankly, neither am I. But it's important to note that preseason hockey has, in fact, begun; the season is only a couple of weeks away.

It is my personal goal to use this space to convert you all to life as a hockey fan. So prepare: if you think you're getting an equal slice of everything, some basketball, some football, some hot stove reports, you're wrong. You'll get some of those, too (especially football). But there's no one talking about hockey except the lovely Off Wing Opinion, and I'm here to get his back. We're bringing hockey back.



Hey, you don't have to convert me to being a hockey fan. I'll keep watching this space, and try to kick in the odd bit from a Canadian perspective from time to time. Looking forward to a war in the Northwest Division this season. Can the Oilers hold their own against shored-up opposition in Vancouver, Calgary, and Minnesota? Will the Avalanche be everyone's new red-headed stepchild? We shall see.

Glad to see you sticking around, Stef. Hockey fans are welcome. As for me, I'll be praying Lou Lamoriello can get the remaining hangers-on (Gionta, Hale, Martin) under contract and who will have to go to make room for them.

Tom4, I'm no expert on the new CBA but I assume Lou Lamoriello has someone on staff who can recite it from memory by now. I know on paper the Devils look like they have some cap issues, but I suspect we'll learn in the next few weeks that some loophole can be exploited to save the day.

It remains to be seen, of course, how much of the overpriced riff-raff should go to make room for the future.

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