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Your Baseball Roundup

Yeah, we've kinda laid off the baseball coverage for a while, eh? Apologies, it's just that we're so excited for football season (not to mention hockey) that we've forgotten what exactly baseball is all about. Plus, things are different this year: no Peter Gammons (not even Harold Reynolds), and baseball's only fun when the Yankees suck, anyway. Plus, after trying to predict trade deadline movement and, later, who would make the playoffs, only to be proven horribly wrong on both accounts, I figured I was in absolutely no position to pose as a baseball authority. But here are two stories even I can get behind.


Chances are, you've seen the above video of Delmon Young many times over. He's served his time (a 50 game suspension in the minors) and made his major league debut last night, proving he can swing a bat as well as he can throw one. Young hit a home run in his third at-bat, the first hit of his major league career, after getting hit by a pitch in his first at-bat and striking out in his second. Freddy Garcia claims the pitch that hit Young was just one that missed inside, but that's, well...not a very good cover up.

And oh, poor Cubs fans. Just when they thought they saw it all this year, they got to experience last night's 7-6 loss in the 11th inning, after closer Ryan Dempster intentionally walked a man to load the bases, and then proceeded to walk in the winning run on five pitches. I really don't have much to say about this except sigh.